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Smart Urban Freight Conference 2015 - Videos

Opening Address 
 Imke STEINMEYER - Senate Department of Berlin

Smartfusion Project Overview
Tom ZUNDER - NewRail

Smartfusion - Como Demonstration 
Roberto TOLA - Centro Ricerche Fiat
Gabriele GREA - Gruppo Clas

Madrid - Urban Freight Case / Best Practice
EMT Madrid Public Transport Company
Question & Answer Session - Como & Madrid Smartfusion - Berlin Demonstration
Julius MENGE, Senate Department of Berlin
Brussels - Urban Freight Case / Best Practice
Christophe DE VOGHEL - Bruxelles Mobilité
Smart Urban Freight Designer
Florian KRIETSCH, PTV Group

Question & Answer Session -
Berlin, Brussels & Smart Urban Freight Designer
Paola COSSU - FIT Consulting
Birgit HENDRIKS - Eco2City
Tom Zunder - NewRail
 Jaap VREESWIJK, Imtech
Smartfusion - Newcastle Demonstration
Gary WALKER, Clipper Logistics
Neil ADDISON, Newcastle University
Gothenburg - Urban Freight Case / Best Practice
Maria LINDHOLM - Chalmers/Lindholmen Science Park
Smartfusion - Impact Assessment
Jacques LEONARDI, University of Westminster

Round Table Discussion



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