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Smart Urban Freight Designer - Online!

The Smart Urban Freight Designer, developed in Smartfusion by PTV, is an IT-based tool which simulates logistics scenarios in order to promote discussion between actors and present potential solutions for electro mobility. The in-built objectives modelled by the tool can be varied according to the target audience: e.g. optimising transport costs per km and per hour; reaching a certain service level; reducing air emissions; reducing noise; increasing safety.

The Smart Urban Freight Designer is a professional planning tool used to calculate and optimise inter-urban shipment and make comparisons between different scenarios, based on cost efficiency. Such tools can be very complex and often require professional training for the user. Especially for SME customers, or city authorities, simplicity of use is crucial. Smartfusion has geared the solution design towards an easy to use tool, based on a simplified graphical user interface, that will work for non-IT experts.

The tool can be used online here

Smartfusion Newsletter #5


In this fifth newsletter we are pleased to present the latest project achievements and results, plus the next steps in the Newcastle and Como demonstrators.
Find out more about the Smartfusion Urban Freight Designer tool developed by PTV. This product aims to help local decision makers improve freight delivery by using fully electric or hybrid vehicles, and freight operators, fleet managers and urban consolidation centres managers to optimise freight deliveries and encrease efficiency whilst minimising negative impacts on the local community and the built environment. 
This newsletter brings news of the Smartfusion "Smart Urban Freight" Conference 2015 organised by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and Polis in association with BESTFACT  in Berlin on June 3rd. If you missed it, you can find presentations and video recordings of the event on the website
Lastly, we are proud to announce that the Smartfusion project has won two prestigious awards in recent weeks. Congratulations to Team Smartfusion!

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SMARTFUSION Newcastle Demo - Wins two awards in two weeks!

The Delivery Consolidation scheme and Electric Vehicle which captured the judges attention.

On 4th June Smartfusion won the “Best Environmental Initiative” at the Newcastle University Annual Environment Awards.

These awards recognise projects and initiatives that demonstrate commitment to reducing the University’s environmental impact and work towards achieving the University’s sustainability objectives. The winner was selected by Professor Tony Stevenson as chair of the University’s Environment and Sustainability Committee.

On 18th June SMARTFUSION picked up Outstanding Procurement Team, at the (THELMA) Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards working with the procurement team award was for the collaborative work around the Smartfusion project initiative to reduce delivery vehicles on campus and cut our carbon footprint.

The winner of this year’s award is Newcastle University for NewRail's initiative to reduce delivery vehicles on campus and cut its carbon footprint. The Smartfusion project sees deliveries redirected to an off-site consolidation centre and then distributed throughout the university using an all-electric vehicle.

The judges were impressed with the collaborative work that involved many parties to stop direct delivery to the campus site. “The benefits include cost savings to the university along with improvements to health and safety around the campus while protecting the environment using electric vehicles,” they said.

Read more at:


Urban Freight Conf 2014-Logo small


3rd June 2015  - Berlin, Germany

The European Commission-funded Smartfusion project held its final event in Berlin, on June 3. Entitled “Smart Urban Freight Conference 2015”, it showcased how urban policymakers and operators can now analyse the likely success and benefits of applying green vehicle technologies to their city regions and supply chains, and leverage proven best practices.

The results of the Smartfusion project were unveiled to an expert audience of city and regional authorities, logistics operators, fleet managers, industry representatives and academics. The project showcased novel transport innovations to effectively improve the efficiency, as well as the social and environmental sustainability, of urban freight in last mile operations and related urban and inter-urban shipment processes.

The results included the Smart Urban Freight Designer Tool as well as best practices from the partner cities and regions. In its demonstration cities (Berlin, Newcastle and Como) Smartfusion determined the critical success factors in stimulating the market uptake of new sustainable vehicle technology. In addition, different stakeholders presented their state-of-the-art solutions to urban freight challenges in European cities.

The Smartfusion project is built upon existing urban freight development strategies from the three trial city regions. The City of Berlin demonstrated integrated technology solutions, Como in Italy showcased a remote monitoring system for fully-electric vehicles, and Newcastle upon Tyne examined collaborative approaches for urban and interurban shipments, using electric trucks.

All the information is online at 

Smartfusion Newsletter #4 - Special Report Como

In this newsletter, we are pleased to present one of the project’s three City-Regions - Como, in Lombardy. The city’s goals for more efficient distribution of goods, together with Como’s specific geographic and economic characteristics, present an important challenge for logistics. We are proud to announce that, since the launch in April 2012, Smartfusion solutions have been developed and implemented - including the technological demonstration which took place in Como in May 2014. You will fin here an update of the results achieved so far and the demonstrations next steps. This newsletter brings news of the next Smart Urban Freight Conference (2015, in Berlin).

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Newcastle takes delivery of their Demonstration Vehicle

Newcastle recently took deliver of their demonstration vehicle, which Clipper Logistics use to operate a daily consolidation service for deliveries to Newcastle University Campus which will begin in September.

The vehicle itself is a 7.5T Full Electric Smith Newton, further information about specification can be found here

A full press release about the Newcastle trial will be released once operations have commenced.



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