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Smartfusion Newsletters, Workshops and ETP D5.3 Version:1.0


This document gives an overview of three tasks performed under the dissemination and communication work package:

•           Project newsletters;

•           Smartfusion Enhanced Transfer Programme (ETP);

•           Workshops and final conference.


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Smartfusion Smart Urban Freight Designer D4.2 Version:1.0


The Smart Urban Freight Designer is an IT-­based tool that simulates logistics scenarios, inorder to promote discussion between actors, and to present the potential for electro-­mobility.The Smart Urban Freight Designer is a professional planning tool, used to calculate andoptimize urban and inter-­urban shipments, and to make comparisons between differentscenarios, based on cost efficiency.Smartfusion has clearly geared the solution design towards an easy to use tool based on asimplified graphical use interface that is handy for non-­IT experts.To make the application of the tool easier to the end user, the Smart Urban Freight Designerhas a pre-­built set of sample data, based on Smartfusion demo site data, as default figures.The tool looks into specific characteristic scenarios and makes its use easy and convenientfor every user.


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SMARTFUSION innovations: Final FUSION innovations D2.4 Version:1.0


Innovations represent a fundamental aspect of SMARTFUSION. Among the objectives of the project, innovations within the fields of low emission technology, green planning and routing, urban interurban logistics and freight policies have to be applied, demonstrated and evaluated by the SMARTFUSION demonstration sites in WP3.

The study analysed the context in which SMARTFUSION innovations have been developed, looking at market and application aspects, trying to provide hints for the strategic positioning of the main project outcomes as well as suggestions for applications and further developments within the city logistics strategic framework.


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Smartfusion D4.1 Impact Assessment Version:1


This report is one of the outputs of WP4 Impact Assessment from Smartfusion project and it presents the final results of the testing and the impact assessment of all Smartfusion solutions.

The Smartfusion project started in April 2012, for three years, and applied an improved impact assessment framework for sustainable solutions. A key question is “how to increase the market share of electric freight vehicles in three cities”. It is planned that the methodology developed here can be replicated in its full depth for the evaluation of only a limited type of sustainable urban freight solution trials.

The purpose of the new assessment methodology is to link business and sustainability criteria with a before-after approach that delivers first a more clear vision on the benefits and success factors of this particular electric vehicle technology.


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Guideline for DMF processes for transferability to other regions Version:1.5.5


This document, D1.3, forms part of WP1 of the Smartfusion project, together with two more deliverables: D1.1 ‘Data collection plan for impact assessment’ and D1.2 ‘Design and monitoring frameworks for all three city regions’. While D1.1 describes how and in what form information should be collected and D1.2 presents the outcomes of the DMF steps in the three cities – Berlin, Como and Newcastle, D1.3 examines the DMF processes so as to provide an integrated picture of the methodology. Hence, the intention of D1,3 was to clarify how the participatory processes took place, what were the strengths and the weaknesses of the process and finally, how these could be tailored to such types of projects (transferability). The suggested reading order is D1.2 and then D1.3 with D1.1 a supplementary document and inputs to WP3 and WP4.


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