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Smartfusion gets the attention of the Tyne and Wear Freight Quality Partnership

fqp-april-14The Tyne and Wear Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) held its best ever attended quarterly meeting on 11th March and SMARTFUSION was at the centre of the agenda! The membership is made up of City Councils; the Tyne & Wear Local Transport Planning Team; transport operators; the Freight Transport Association; Road Haulage Association; and a variety of shippers and receivers of goods, across several industries. More than 30 people attended, representing more than 20 different organisations.

The TWFQP seeks to understand the problems and issues relating to freight movement in the region and to provide a mechanism through which they can be addressed.

SMARTFUSION in the Spotlight

NewRail presented the SMARTFUSION concept to the assembled meeting and the work being done at Newcastle University as a case study /demonstrator of the use of clean vehicle technology in the urban environment. The presentation went on to describe our plans for urban freight consolidation and the better use of freight terminals. Questions were received from a very interested audience concerning:

  • How we can define ‚clean’ vehicles
  • The setting up of a university dedicated consolidation centre and what will happen after its trial period
  • How we will make the proposed  interventions work as a business model

Discussion continued around that fact that our scope goes beyond the purely financial aspects and that social responsibility also forms part of our agenda. 


TWFQP meetings always provide an excellent networking opportunity. Local drinks manufacturer AG Barr shared with us their experiences of using  a Smith Newton vehicle in their supply chain and special invited guests Outspoken Delivery, a Cambridge company using cargo bikes as a last mile delivery solution, offered to further explore mutual interests.

The group, many of whom still see ‚clean vehicles’ as new technology, expressed their eagerness for ongoing information, and are keen to have feedback from the case studies.

Further information about The Tyne and Wear Freight Quality Partnership (FQP)  can be found at:

 A copy of the presentation can be download here




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