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Newcastle, UK

NCCNewcastle City Council is a Local Authority in North East England, located 277 miles from London. The population represented by the authority is 277,800, and is projected to grow in the future. Newcastle serves as the regional capital for a population of over two million people across North East England. It is also the main air and rail hub for the region.

The City Council work together with Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland on regional issues and, in particular, they collaborate on a joint Local Transport Plan that sets out strategies for improving transport links and accessibility, to help with regeneration, assist with climate change objectives and enhance the quality of life for local communities.

Newcastle collaborates via the Local Transport Plan and the award winning Freight Quality Partnership for Tyne and Wear with local stakeholders to meet shared targets. The Partnership won two national awards in 2008 for their success in delivering tangible benefits for freight operators and local authorities – measures include a range of mapping initiatives, signage improvements, work to address lorry-parking issues and to promote freight exchange and modal shift to rail.

Newcastle City Council is also a lead partner in the development of Electric Vehicle Technology in the United Kingdom through the Plugged in Places project. In 2009, Newcastle City Council began one of the first EV infrastructure pilots in Europe as a result of being awarded funding to install charging posts in the city; and have committed to delivering 40 infrastructure installations in 2009/10. Newcastle's Freight Consolidation Centre (FCC) to be implemented in 2011 focuses on servicing Newcastle main shopping center in Eldon Square.

Role in the project

Newcastle City Council will participate in the development of the project in WP1 and then in the WP3 demonstration in Newcastle.

Each city-region will, with the mutual support of all stakeholders, demonstrate innovations that are tailored to their unique socio-economic, cultural and geographical environment, whilst at the same time carrying out a standardised monitoring and evaluation programme.

The city of Newcastle will demonstrate collaborative approaches for urban interurban shipment planning and execution among shippers, logistics service providers and municipality implementing last mile services using electric trucks.

Previous Experience

Newcastle City Council is an active partner in the award winning Freight Quality Partnership for Tyne and Wear, which has been involved in seeking to mitigate the negative impacts that freight traffic has upon the area. The partnership has won favourable feedback from CIVITAS Euro Funding, and also won two national awards for excellence in 2008. Newcastle City Council has been able to establish itself at the forefront of electric vehicle developments both regionally and nationally. In 2009, Newcastle City Council initiated one of the first EV infrastructure pilots in Europe as a result of being awarded funding to install charging posts in the city. In 2010, the Partnership was awarded EU CIVITAS CATALIST programme funding for a small knowledge-sharing programme involving study exchanges with other CATALIST cities holding a common interest in urban logistics, translation of the Partnership's information materials into other languages and the hosting of a European Freight Conference.




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