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Technological demonstration

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On 10th April 2014 Lombardy Region and Como City Council organized a conference at the Chamber of Commerce to inform the local stakeholders about the demonstration of the new model of city logistics, which takes place in Como limited traffic zone (LTZ) during the week from 5th to 10th May 2014.

The demonstration activity foresees the use of the new Iveco electric vehicle and of the routing system that calculates least pollution grip for consolidated deliveries to LTZ dealers. The vehicle and the advanced navigation system have been developed respectively by Centro Ricerche Fiat and PTV Group within the Smartfusion project.

The event saw the participation of numerous local stakeholders, including representatives of trade associations, public ins

titutions, dealers of the city center and local press.

The Commissioner of Commerce for Lombardy Region as well as the Commissioners of Commerce, Logistics and Environment of Como City Council highlighted their support to this project considering the importance of reducing noise, congestion and pollution in the historical center as a means of making Como a more livable and safer town for its inhabitants but also to improve attractiveness for tourists with an implementation of competitiveness and economic development.

Roberto Tola of Centro Ricerche Fiat and Wolfgang Kipp of PTV Group illustrated the technological innovations of the prototypes developed thanks to the EU contribution while Carlo Vaghi of Clas Group stressed the importance of the dealers’ participation at the test activity in order to gain reliable results.

All participants contributed to the discussion with great interest and proactiveness bringing forward interesting suggestions and proposals. Como City Council will take into consideration the remarks of the local stakeholders as well the results of the technological demonstration in order to implement the existing regulatory measures in the LTZ.



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